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Security Webcam - Using A PC Security Camera For Internet Surveillance

Security Webcam


Is a PC security camera that has a “remote viewing” feature the greatest thing since sliced bread, or can it indeed be a parent’s worst nightmare?  Ironically, the answer to both of these questions is YES!

A security webcam is very beneficial for businesses that wish to keep a tight lock on security.  Nowadays there is no telling who can come into an office and swipe someone’s file.  This would be kept under wraps by having a security webcam.  It could also be useful for big businesses and malls to have security webcams set up at strategic locations in the stores and the mall area to discourage shoplifters which is a booming “business” these days.

A security webcam would even be useful in homes.  With the Baby Boomer population quickly approaching retirement age, a security webcam in the home would be great in case an emergency should arise.  Elderly people fall quite a bit, and there would be peace of mind if there were a security webcam installed in the house.  There was even an instance about two years ago when a 69 year old diabetic artist who was living in California collapsed due to low blood sugar.  Her son, who was in the Philippines, saw that she was lying motionless.  To make a long story short, she was finally given the help she needed and her life was saved due to the security webcam that was installed inside of her home.  Many people use a security webcam like a “nanny” which allows them to check up on their children to see how they are being treated.  Other people use it to monitor home repair people, maids and the like to guard against potential theft.

There is a dark side to the web security camera when it comes to children.  It can be used for evil and to exploit children in a very demeaning fashion.  Do NOT let your child have a security webcam alone in his or her bedroom.  It would just be like a baby playing with fire.

The other bad news about security webcams being used for home security is that it can invade your family’s privacy.  Unless you set up a line of defense against it, the home security webcam is able to broadcast pictures of your family and the details of the vulnerabilities of your house onto websites that a criminal can view.

Here are a few security webcams for you to consider when selecting an internet surveillance camera:

The Toshiba IK-WB15A webcam leverages the full potential of the Fuji Super CCD with the unique 45° diagonal angled pixels.  The horizontal and vertical resolution of the Fuji Super CCD is 60% better.  There are also fewer jagged edges, a broader dynamic range and faster video processing.  Because of the Super CCD’s higher sensitivity, you are able to use the Toshiba security webcam in more lighting environments.

The Linksys Wireless-G is a compact wireless camera that can be put inconspicuously anywhere in your home.  It is quite small and only weights 0.2 pounds.  It does work along with your computer so you must have either Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP.

You can easily turn your PC and camera to become a video security and surveillance system.  WebCam Monitor v4.24 is motion detection software that is able to monitor your office, home or any premise.  You will be able to view activities monitored by your camera just as long as you are anywhere with an Internet connection.  You will also receive an immediate e-mail notification as well as a photo as soon as noise intrusion or motion is detected.

Make sure you do your homework and that you will be able to find qualities in a security webcam such as scheduling, motion detection, e-mail alerts, etc.  A security web cam can provide for good home security but only if you choose the system that is right for you and use if properly.


Security Webcam

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