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Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation - Factors To Consider When You Select And Install A Surveillance Camera

Security Camera Installation


You may have bought the security camera and now you must install it. How do you do that when you have never done security camera installation before? There is a way that you can make sure that your installation is not only simple and easy but it can be done without hiring a professional to charge you a large amount of money. You may want to install a security camera indoors or outdoors and now you can learn how easy it can be.

In a world riddled with more and more burglary cases, many consumers personal and professional are opting for some sort of security camera installation.  It is something we don’t really want to think about, but we unfortunately have to. The market is filled with all sorts of security cameras and systems. Ranging from your basic cameras, to high tech wireless models, prices will run you from as low as $50.00 to more than $1000.00. It all depends on which type of camera you are looking for. The above average models run around $500.00 and the requirements to install a surveillance camera can vary in complexity.

First and foremost, you must decide on the location of where your camera will go, and also the area of which the camera will provide surveillance for. Do you want your camera to deter would-be criminals? Do you want people to be even be aware of the camera’s presence? Nanny-Cams are becoming a popular tool in ensuring the security of children while they are in the hands of babysitters. For these cases, cameras that are strategically planted inside wall clocks or VCR’s, are very simple to install.

If you are installing a security camera outside, you need to decide between wireless or hard-wired systems. A wireless camera transmits signals from the camera to a transmitter and monitoring device. Wireless cameras provide ease of movement and are easier to install. The downfall to wireless cameras is the picture quality is not as good as a hard-wired system. You also have to ensure there is no interference between the transmitter and monitoring device. You’ll also want to make sure there are no microwaves or other electronic equipment near by that may interfere with your cameras functioning. A hard-wired camera is more difficult to install because you have to run wires from the camera to the monitoring device. However, there are several useful tools on the market such as a security camera mount to make the wires hidden and less obvious.

Some other useful tips you’ll want to remember while planning your security camera installation is when you’re installing cameras outside, do not have the lenses where the sun will shine directly on it. The sun will damage the lenses, costing you more money to repair or replace it. Also, you’ll want to consider weather elements when doing outdoor surveillance camera installation. Rain, wind and snow can severely damage your system if you do not prepare for it. Which ever camera you decide on, remember that careful planning while installing your security camera can mean less hassle for you in the future, and may even save you from the heartbreaking loss if your home or business is burglarized.


Security Camera Installation

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