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Sanyo Security Camera - The Different Types And CCTV Surveillance Systems

Sanyo Security Camera


As our world of technology advances, so do the electronic products that are available to the public. A camera used to be only for taking pictures, and then advanced to ‘moving pictures’ for silent movies. Now not only do we have cameras and movie recording devices, but the cameras are many different styles and types for many assorted uses.

One increasingly growing market is for CCTV surveillance systems. There are showing up everywhere, at intersections for traffic violations, at malls and parking garages for security purposes, or even for training courses at assorted places of employment. The main reason for security cameras is still for preventing shoplifting from business owners and for personal security.  As long as these are major concerns, Sanyo security cameras will still be around.

There are many manufacturers that design and produce surveillance cameras. Sanyo Security cameras cover every aspect and purpose that you may need for your business or home security needs. These security cameras can be broken down into 7 different types:

Bullet cameras – are the smallest of the normal style cameras. They are easy to install and very popular. This type of camera is good when you do not want a big installation process that will disrupt or alter the structure of your buildings. They may come in black and white or color and with night vision to see in the dark with infrared LED lights.

Traditional Fixed – these systems are mounted in one location and scan one area only. They are larger and have a comparatively sharper picture than the bullet cameras. There are optional protective coatings you can add if these are mounted outdoors.

Dome (Sanyo CCTV) – are covered by a protective dome that helps limit dust, grime and even vandalism. They can be both fixed or integrated with motors to scan, tilt, and zoom.

PTZ (pan tilt zoom) – these systems are mounted in a central location, and operators can use a joystick or keyboard to control which area it views.

Convert ‘spy’- are extremely small that they can be hidden in various commonplace devices. These are used particularly when an investigation of a specific kind is being conducted.

Network- can be a variety of forms including all aforementioned types. The distinguishing feature is that they communicate their data across a TCP/IP network connection mainly for remote monitoring purposes.

Wireless – devices that use common frequencies to transmit video over short distances to a designated receiver. Are used when running cable isn’t practical but are prone to interference.

Sanyo security cameras are widely distributed across the United States and are backed by Sanyo’s Quick Repair Program for total customer satisfaction. This unique repair service is available for units both in and out of warranty to ensure that Sanyo security cameras perform to expectations. In order to choose which product is right for your situation, feel free to browse to obtain information about any product available and view interactive demos online. When deciding to purchase a Sanyo, you know that you are purchasing a quality surveillance product.


Sanyo Security Camera

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